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The Nordic Salsa Camp 2011 in new surroundings - interview with Carl Nielsen

Carl, Nordic Salsa Camp

More focus on body movement and styling, a new music line, culture courses in Nordic and Cuban films, entertainment and salsa and salsa drama ...[Read more]

Contribution by : HifiSalsa's Newseditors 09-Jul-2011 16:49 - Last updated : 09-Jul-2011 16:49

HiFiSalsa's big Salsa test

Are you a real salsero/salsera? Or just on your way to become one? Is salsa filling out your life or has salsa taking over ...[Read more]

Contribution by : HifiSalsa's Newseditors 03-Oct-2004 22:04 - Last updated : 16-Jun-2007 04:03

Nordic Salsa Championship 2002

Nordic Salsa Championship 2002

December 2002: The Nordic Salsa Championship 2002 held on the 30th of November in Copenhagen had participants from several Nordic countries. And together with ...[Read more]

Contribution by : HifiSalsa's Newseditors 01-Dec-2002 18:59 - Last updated : 24-Sep-2004 20:03

Salsacamp 2002 in Malmö

July 2002 : Michael Raunkjaer about The Salsacamp 2002 in Sweeden: "High heels. Short skirts. Sexy dress on sexy women. Cool guys. Great parties ...[Read more]

Contribution by : HifiSalsa's Newseditors 01-Jul-2002 20:31 - Last updated : 24-Sep-2004 19:40

Angel Ortiz Workshop may 2002

Michael Raunkjær about a workshop with Angel Ortiz: Miracles seldom occur in Denmark, but last week God (Eddie Torres) sent his Angel (Angel Ortiz) ...[Read more]

Contribution by : HifiSalsa's Newseditors 11-May-2002 08:53 - Last updated : 24-Sep-2004 22:51

Miniguide to Salsavacation in Havana

Miniguide to Salsavacation in Havana - lot of adresses.Made by Søren and George januar 2002, updated and revised april 2004 by Bo Kristensen. ...[Read more]

Contribution by : HifiSalsa's Newseditors 01-May-2002 23:01 - Last updated : 04-Aug-2004 22:17

Salsa festival in Harlem (english version)

June 2001: Michael Raunkjaer in Harlem - 15. June a group af 20 salsa enthusiasts went to the salsafestival in Haarlem. Our group consisted ...[Read more]

Contribution by : HifiSalsa's Newseditors 01-Jun-2001 22:16 - Last updated : 16-Jun-2007 04:06


Fri. Apr. 21. 2017 : SON PUNTILLAS i Krudttønden

Der er blevet annonceret fem koncerter med Son Puntillas i Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2, i 2017 ...[Read more]


Cubansk Danseskole v/ Yosvany Torres - Undervisning - Cubarejser - Danseshow

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