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The purpose of HiFiSalsa.dk is to facilitate contact and spread information about salsa and Latin American dance, music and culture.

HiFiSalsa is for everyone. HiFiSalsa is open to anyone who has something at heart that is relevant to the salsa family, whether you dance Cuban salsa, cross-body, LA style, NY style, peasant salsa, street salsa, a mix of all or just salsa , or maybe in fact prefer a fast bachata, a sensual son, kizomba, zouk, rumba ... you name it.

For example, you can Use HiFiSalsa to inform about courses and events, report music, concerts and events, tell about experiences with salsa festivals, courses, vacations etc.

If you have criticism, ideas or suggestions you are always welcome to contact us

HiFiSalsa is made by its users. If you think something is missing make a contribution ;-)

How to post

If you want to contribute you have two possibilities.

1. Create an useraccount

You can register as a user with login, username and password on the page: Create a new user account.

When you are created as a user, you can, for example, post and edit posts in HiFiSalsa's Salsa-calendar and HiFiSalsa's Salsaguide, post comments to others' posts, etc.

Anybody who meets the terms of use can register as a user on HiFiSalsa. Once you have approved your user account, you can log in to the site and write and edit posts.

Posts by new users must be approved by HiFiSalsa editorial staff before they are visible on the site. You are always welcome to contact us if you think the approval takes too long.

Read more about the rules and guidelines for publishing on HiFiSalsa.

2. Contact us through our information form

If you just want to make sure there is an entry in HiFiSalsa's Salsa Calendar about an event or course you arrange or know about, instead of creating a post on HiFiSalsa, you are welcome to drop us a notice through our Information form.

Be as accurate as possible about time, place and content, please refer to where one can get further information about the event or the course. (Homepage, Facebook profile, etc.).

Way to use HiFiSalsa

HiFiSalsa in the web browser

HiFiSalsa has been made so that the site can be accessed with all current web browsers at hifisalsa.dk. This also applies to browsers in mobile phones and the like.

HiFiSalsa on the phone

If you are on a very slow connection or are using a small retro display with low resolution, you can also try our special HiFiSalsa light version (m.hifisalsa.dk) that gives you access to the current posts in the Salsa Calendar.

HiFiSalsa's news feed

You can retrieve current information from HiFiSalsa directly to your news reader v.h.a. our newsfeed (https://hifisalsa.dk/hifi-rss2.php)

You are also welcome to integrate HiFiSala's newsfeed on your own website

HiFiSalsa on Twitter

You can follow HiFiSalsa on Twitter: @hifisalsa. All current posts - except the posts in the Salsa guide - are published on Twitter. All posts contain headline and text up to a total of 112 characters + link to your post on HiFiSalsa. In the case of entries in the Salsa Calendar, the post will be published, indicating data details to be deducted from the 112 characters.

If you post a post on HiFiSalsa, please be aware that a post is only published once on Twitter. If you reuse and update an old post in connection with a new course or event, then this will not be included in our tweets.

If you have any other ideas for using HiFiSalsa, we would like to hear from you.

HiFiSalsa is made by the members of the Association Fidelity.

The Association Fidelity is a nonprofit association that bases its activity on voluntary and unpaid work. The association is based in Copenhagen.

From the association's clause of purpose:

The association Fidelity is a charity association aimed at creating interest in, informing about salsa and facilitate contacts between people interested in salsa music and dance as well as related dance and musical forms such as son, rumba, merengue, zouk, kizomba, bachata and the like, but not limited to those mentioned. The association also aims to disclose and convey information about and facilitates contacts with the countries and cultures from which the mentioned dance and musical forms originated, with particular focus on Cuba."

The Fidelity Association primarily complete its purpose by owning, operating and developing the High Fidelity Salsa Web site. The Association and HiFiSalsa do not offer courses and also do not arrange other types of events either.

The association's activities are funded through membership accounts and support from interested parties who wish to support the association's activities.

You can read the The articles of Association. (Pdf) (danish)

Report from the Association's General Assembly in 2009

Interview : ten years with HiFiSalsa (from 2010) (danish)

HiFiSalsa respects your privacy

If you have a user account, you can always delete the posts associated with the user account.

If you should find other information about your person on the site that you do not want to publish, let us know so we can act on it.

Here you can read about HiFiSalsa's privacy policy, including the use of cookies

OSS / FAQ - Ofte stillede spørgsmål:

Cookies : On HiFiSalsa you will encounter both 1. part- og 3. parts cookies. By visiting HiFiSalsa you accept both kind of cookies.

More about cookies on HiFiSalsa

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Or become a registered user: Ass a registered user you can add and edit news in our newssection by yourself.

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