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Our basic privacy policy is really quite simple. We neither sell or give personal information away and we only collect personal information that you agree to give us.

Personal data and publishing at HiFiSalsa

HiFiSalsa does not store your personal data unless you give us these for a specific purpose. For example, if you choose to participate in our quizzes or choose to become a registered user.

If you register as a user on HiFiSalsa, you can always delete your user account again.

You can read about our Terms and Conditions of use here.

HiFiSalsa's Salsaguide is a guide to publicly-known resources (websites, sites, educators, organizations, etc.).

If you have added information to our Salsa Guide or Salsa Calendar or elsewhere on the site, you can always delete this information again or ask HiFiSalsa to do it.

If you would otherwise find personal information on the site you do not wish to be public, please contact us so we act on it.

Use our contact form.

You can read more about the rules for publishing on HiFiSalsa here.

Quizzes and personal data

Occasionally there are quizzes at HiFiSalsa where it is possible to win for example concert tickets.

In order for you to participate in a quiz, we need your contact information for example name, email and phone number so that we have the opportunity to contact you if you win.

The names of the winners are published on hifisalsa.dk and of course we give the winning names to our partners in our quizzes so the winners can receive their winnings.

Once a quiz is completed, we delete all data we have collected in connection with the quiz.


In order to customize the individual web pages for your browser and customize HiFiSalsa for you as a user (for example, your choice of language) and administer your visit, HiFiSalsa uses cookies. A cookie is a small blunt text stored on your computer.

If you do not want cookies to be saved, you can set your browser to reject them. See the instructions for your browser how to do.

You control the use of third party cookies on HifiSalsa by yourself.

Read more about cookies on HiFiSalsa here.

When you visit HiFiSalsa, we assume you agree with the use of cookies and have taken precautions in setting up your browser that corresponds to your own wishes regarding the handling of cookies.


Web server statistics

Visits on hifisalsa.dk are registered in technical log files on the server that host HiFiSalsa.

The registration is based on the data provided via the HTTP protocol.

HiFiSalsa has access to this data, which we use to see which pages are the most visited, which browsers our visitors uses, etc.

The data that is collected is: IP addresses, URL (which pages are visited), Visit time, Referrer (the website you came from), Search string and the name of your browser.

Analysis via Matomo (formerly Piwik)

In order to analyze the use of HiFiSalsa and improve and develop the site, we use the analysis tool: Matomo.

Matomo is an open source tool that we have installed on the same server as the other site is located on.

Data, eg. about how many times a given article is read, what browsers our visitors use, etc. are collected in anonymous form and stored in our own database

In our Matomo setup, we support "I do not want to be tracked" setup in your web browser if for some reason you do not want to help with the optimization of HiFiSalsa.

Links and other content

HiFiSalsa contains links (lots of links) to other sites. When you enable these, you will come to other sites.

Privacy Policy for other sites and advertisers may differ from HiFiSalsa's.

Third part - 2 clicks for more privacy

Youtube videos

Some posts HiFiSalsa links to Youtube videos. If you, as a visitors, chooses to watch these Youtube videos, please note that the videos are downloaded from Youtube's servers, which means that data is being sent to Youtube.

The videos are clearly marked as such and no connection is establish before you actively choose to do so.

Social media

Beneath all posts and articles on HiFiSalsa we show buttons that can be enabled if you want to share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Notice that the buttons are not enabled by default.

We think you should decide by yourself whether you want to share your personal data with a company such as Facebook on your visits to HiFiSalsa.

The first time you click on one of the buttons, it is activated and connects to the companies mentioned above, after which you can share with your friends with another click.

We advise you to stay informed about the privacy policies of the companies mentioned.

Contact Information, etc.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy or any other questions or comments regarding HiFiSalsa.

Use our contact form. Especially we would be grateful if you would help us correct mistakes and incorrect information you may find on HiFiSalsa.


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Cookies : On HiFiSalsa you will encounter both 1. part- og 3. parts cookies. By visiting HiFiSalsa you accept both kind of cookies.

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