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Søn. d. 1. jul. 2018 : Salsa dance course in Cuba! (July)

Salsa dance course in Cuba! (July)

Salsa dance courses in Cuba! Get the real Cuban feeling!
Join us in Cuba: 1th-15th July
Other trips in 2018:
17th - 31th of March
6th - 20th of May
6th - 20th of October
22. December 2018 - 5. January 2019
These dates are departure and arrival dates, where most people usually travel. But you choose your arrival and departure date.
Two weeks (14 nights) cost 1000 Euro, plus extra 200 euro, if you prefer a single room. The trips are 14 nights, 10 days of classes which are 3 hours a day. The dance course starts Monday morning.
No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, you will love this salsa course! Your Cuban dance partner, will make sure that you will feel safe through the whole dance course in Cuba!
Mi Salsa Cubana has held these courses since 1998, and our clients come back every year to relive the Cuban feeling.
We have some of the most talented teachers in Cuba. They are all educated from the National school of dance in Cuba.
Our professional team are there for you! We are one of the cheapest and best at the marked.
More information:http://www.misalsacubana.com/salsa-dance-courses-in-cuba
Have a look at our lovely photos from Cuba:http://www.misalsacubana.com/gallery

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Lucille’s Ball Dance Studio

As a seasoned dance instructor in Canada, I encourage everyone to try professional dancing in Cuba at least once in their lifetime! The warm air, lively atmosphere and friendly people are the ideal environment to learn in!

Indrykket af : Lucille’s Ball Dance Studio in Burlington offers group dance classes, weekly drop in classes and private dance lessons. 02-Apr-2018 18:09 - Senest opdateret : 02-Apr-2018 18:11 - Besvar - Send note til redaktionen

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