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Søn. d. 10. dec. 2017 : Connection in partner dance

Connection in partner dance

Dive into connection in this 3-hour workshop with Juanma & Caroline. No previous knowledge of partner dance is required!
In partner dance, you search for a connection between the two dancers - the leader and the follower. In the dance we speak and we listen through movement, and learning how to do this in all your dances will help you reach that blissful state of connection in your dance, where you no longer think, just feel, just flow, just move effortlessly as one with your partner.
This workshop is ideal for dancers of all styles, because the concepts of connection work across styles. So whether you dance salsa, bachata, zouk, kizomba, blues, swing, tango or any other partner dance, you can benefit from increasing your sensitivity and awareness in the connection with your partner to make you a stronger social dancer!
Sunday December 10th 13:00-16:00 at Vesterbro Ny Skole
The workshop will take place in the gym (building with big glass windows).
200 DKK for 3 hours of workshops
Members of Zouk in Copenhagen, students, Bolsistas and travellers from Sweden or Jylland get 15% discount. Write to for the discount code, you enter this when you purchase your pass.
Register on www.zonendans.dk/workshops to secure your spot :)
Caroline (DK) has many years of experience in dance, but her favorite dance is Brazilian Zouk. She dances and teaches Brazilian Zouk, High Heels, Modern, Modern jazz, Jazz, Contemporary, Improvisation and Ballet. She has been teaching and organizing Zouk in Copenhagen since 2014. She is currently finishing a Bachelor in teaching dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK). She has taught Zouk at international congresses, for example Berlin Zouk Congress, Amsterdam Zouk Congress, St. Valentine’s Dance Weekend, Copenhagen Kizomba Royal Festival and has worked with internationally acclaimed artists artists like Ailton Silva, Eric Louw, William Dos Santos, Felipe Melo, Willem Engel and Adilio Porto.
Juanma (AR) started dancing in 2010. He is born and raised in Argentina, where he has played an important role in developing the Zouk scene, teaching Lambazouk, Zouk, and organizing social events. His favorite dance is Brazilian Zouk, but he also teaches LambaZouk, Bachata Sensual and Salsa (LA style). He also has training in many other dances, including hip hop, breakdance, afro, contemporary, ballet, mambo, tango, samba de gafieira, and samba funkeado.

Tid : Søndag. d. 10. december. 2017, kl. 13:00 - 16:00

Indrykket af : Zouk in Copenhagen
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