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Fre. d. 30. nov. 2018 : KIZOMBA FOR FUN


LunaticaEventsCph Presents

KIZOMBA FOR FUN W/ John & Bianca

Have you been wanting to improve your technique? Or have more fun with your kizomba?
Go into tonight's party with new confidence after taking John and Bianca's progressive workshop. We open the door ???? 20:45
In this workshop FROM: 21:00 we will be focusing on the fun things you can do on the dance floor while dancing to put a smile on your partners face, while at the same time making it interesting and wonderful.
This time, with someone new, the neighbour of Santa, all the way from Canada, Bianca will be here with us to share the knowledge she has acquired while traveling all around the world to dance.
Are you sure you want to miss this workshop where you can learn from the best?
And the best part is, she will stay till the last song, so you can chat, dance, or even book her for future dances.
Bianca’s requirements for participating at this workshop:
* Bring a great attitude
* Bring your positive energy
* Bring your comfy shoes
* And an open-mind
Be prepared for a night full of fun.
Whether you are a lead or a follow, will have a little bit for everyone!
Class will begin at TIME
So don't be late for our fun AFRO warmup
PARTY: 22:00 - 03:00
ENTRANCE: 50kr. Including Wardrobe (After workshop)
PRICE WORKSHOP W/ JOHN & BIANCA 60kr. Including wardrobe & party
ADDRESS: Nørrebrogade 22. LunaticaDanceClub upstairs of Bao & Bar

TABLE RESERVATIONS: P.M LunaticaEventsCph or 26484741


Tid : Fredag. d. 30. november. 2018, kl. 20:30 - 03:00

Indrykket af : Lunatica events CPH - facebook.com/lunaticaeventscph - lunaticaeventscph@gmail.com 26-Nov-2018 13:13 - Senest opdateret : 26-Nov-2018 13:13

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