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Fre. d. 14. jun. 2019 : Copenhagen Dance Festival 2019

Copenhagen Dance Festival 2019

The 14th & 15th of June, 2019 - A two day event!

Copenhagen Dance Festival is a two day celebration of the movement of the body! A festival filled with workshops, dance shows, concerts, and a big dance competition. Food trucks with food from all over the world, and chill out in the city garden. The festival will take place at Pumpehuset located in the center of Copenhagen. Find out more, at our website.
Buy your tickets online here
It is cheaper to buy your tickets online. Prices at the door is about 5-10 DKK more.
Copenhagen needs an innovative dance festival, not only for the professionals but for all of us who enjoy good culture and new exiting experiences. The festival have the purpose of uniting and gathering different cultures and all ages in Copenhagen, through a common interest for dance, music and culture.
The location is Pumpehuset
Address: Studiestræde 52, 1554 Copenhagen K
Since the festival is for everybody regardless of age, we have a lot of activities for kids!
In between the different activities, festival guests can experience lovely authentic stalls selling art, clothing, jewellery and other amazing products from all over the world! You can find delightful food and eat a delicious course in Byhaven.
We will be throwing 2 huge party's - you do not want miss out!
Friday the 14th: Latin Night
Saturday the 15th: Afrobeat/ Dancehall Night
You can experience live artist like KAKA DK, Felicia Baby, Chango King, Henri Benitez & The Cuban connection Ft Gillito (Latin music) and Joanita - the winner of DR's talent show Live 2018!
Buy your ticket online here: http://www.bit.ly/TICKETCPHFESTIVAL, so you do not have to queue, or buy them at the door. We take cash, card and mobile pay at the door.
FRIDAY THE 14TH OF JUNE (Doors open 17:30)

FIRST FLOOR (All this workshops are not couple work, you can come alone)
18.00-18.30: Workshop // Salsa Lady and Men Styling (for all) Solangel & Yorgenis
18.30-19.15: Workshop // Cuban Moves (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
19.15-20.00: Workshop // Reggaeton (for all) Solangel & Yorgenis
20.00-21.00: Dance shows with ElStudio students
21.00-21.30: DJ's open dance floor - Latin music (Bachata, Salsa, Merengue & Reggeatón)
21.30-21.40: Dance show by Solangel Fernandez & Yorgenis Danger Garcia
21.40-22.00: Concert with Chango King (Reggaetón music)
22.00-24.00: Concert with Henri Benitez & The Cuban connection Ft Gillito (Salsa music)

24.00-02.00: Afterparty with DJ's Master Silot & DJ Alain (Latin music)

SATURDAY THE 15TH OF JUNE (Doors open 10:00)

10.30-12.00: Dance show with (kids and teens) from ElStudio
12.00-12.30: Breakdance show by Kids and teens from ElStudio
GROUND FLOOR (All this workshops are not couple work, you can come alone)

12.30-13.00: Workshop // Afro Cuban (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
13.00-13.30: Workshop // Rumba (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
13.30-14.00: Workshop // Salsa men and lady style (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
14.00-14.30: Workshop // Cuban Moves (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis

19.00-20.00: Workshop for adults // Twerk/ Dancehall
20.00-21.00: Workshop for adults // Afrobeat / Dancehall

21.00-24.00 DJ's (Anders Tresselt & Dunza) concerts with Kaka, Felicia Baby, Chango King, Jonaz Idrissi x Jonesey & Joanita Zachariasen (the winner of DR's talent show Live 2018)

24:00-03.00: Afterparty with DJ's Anders Tresselt & Dunza
Buy tickets HERE!
The festival is organized by Cphdancefestival.dk & http://www.elstudio.dk
Project Leader: Stine Ortvad + 45 20 98 74 77

Tid : Fredag. d. 14. juni. 2019, kl. 17:30 - 03:00

Indrykket af : stine ortvad 04-Jun-2019 15:38 - Senest opdateret : 13-Jun-2019 15:08

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