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Lør. d. 15. jun. 2019 : Workshops with Solangel and Yorgenis at CPH dance Festival

Workshops with Solangel and Yorgenis at CPH dance Festival

Do not miss out these great workshops on the 14th and 15th of June at our Copenhagen Dance Festival at Pumpehuset. Have a look at the complete program:
Copenhagen Dance Festival
You can join 1 or 2 days, it is up to you.
Right now are in the top 10 of the most known and used dancers all over the world at Cuban Salsa Festivals and events
We also have the pleasure to have Solangel and Yoyo at our Cuban Salsa Camp in July in week 30. Have a look Cubakultur.dk
Get your tickets now - a full festival pass for boths days is only 300 DKK. If you only like to join the workshops, it is 100 DKK, and if you only like to join the concerts and parties in the evening it is 100 DK
The festival is filled with workshops, dance shows, concerts, and a big dance competition. In between the different activities, festival guests can enjoy South American street food by eatery El Jefe, located in Pumpehuset's outdoor venue Byhaven.
Workshop program:
To see all the rest of the program with concerts and dances shows Copenhagen Dance Festical
Friday 14th of June:
FIRST FLOOR (All this workshops are not couple work, you can come alone)
18.00-18.30: Workshop // Salsa Lady and Men Styling (for all) Solangel & Yorgenis
18.30-19.15: Workshop // Cuban Moves (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
19.15-20.00: Workshop // Reggaeton (for all) Solangel & Yorgenis
Saturday 15th of June:
GROUND FLOOR (All this workshops are not couple work, you can come alone)
12.30-13.00: Workshop // Afro Cuban (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
13.00-13.30: Workshop // Rumba (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
13.30-14.00: Workshop // Salsa men and lady style (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
14.00-14.30: Workshop // Cuban Moves (for all) with Solangel & Yorgenis
More about them:
Solangel Fernandez and Yorgenis “Yoyo” Danger Garcia
Solangel first joined the school Instructors de Arte in Havana, then graduated at the school of the “Tropicana” as a first dancer. Yoyo absolved his training as modern dance- and folklore-dancer at the ENA, Cuba´s National Art School. He studied dance education and graduated at the ISA, the renowned University of Arts of Cuba in Havana, with honors. Later on, Solangel and Yoyo participated in productions like “Bar at Buenavista Social Club”, “Viva Cuba”, “Cuerpo, Espirito, Alma”, “Veia Cuba”, “Danza de negro con alma de luz” and others. They both work as instructors in Salsa-, Mambo-, Afrocuban- and Cuban-festivals all around the world and teach in English, German and Spanish. As instructors, they focus on the trad and good feeling, and they do all kind of dance styles “Bailes Populares Cubanos” (Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Chá, etc.) as well as on Afro-Cuban dances, modern dance and of course on Salsa, Rumba, Reggaeton, Rueda de Casino and Lady-and-Men-styling. Solangel and Yoyo are much more than excellent dancers with outstanding didactic skills. They also are enthusiastic and charismatic persons, whose positive attitude electrifies the audience and their students immediately. Their incredible performances, full of latin flavor and peppered with artistic elements, excite the crowd all over the world. Whether in Poland, Ireland, Italy, USA, China, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, England, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Australia, Singapore or Czechia, Solangel and Yoyo already thrilled the audiences in many countries and they carry on. Solangel and Yoyo, that is passion and rhythm in perfection!

Tid : Lørdag. d. 15. juni. 2019, kl. 12:30 - 14:30

Indrykket af : stine ortvad 04-Jun-2019 14:21 - Senest opdateret : 12-Jun-2019 11:38

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