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Fre. d. 28. jun. 2019 : BACHATA SENSUAL FRIDAY W/ Spain bachata champions JORGE & AROA


LunaticaEventsCph proudly presents:
Bachata sensual Friday w/ JORGE & AROA from Spain ???????? for the first time in Scandinavia! They are current champions of Bachata in Spain and sub-champions of the world in 2016 - and world bachata masters 2019 in choreography (see the video below). https://youtu.be/d783J2ZXpUU
This will be a truly special edition of our sensual Friday with this ultra-talented couple from Spain, who have prepared a really special 3 hour bootcamp for you. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best! In the night they will dance with everyone as well as perform their incredible show and best tunes con *DJ VJ*
**In addition, this evening is extra special because we will also be celebrating the birthday of LUIS LUNA! ????This means that the evening will be full of surprises!
- 2:30 hours bootcamp with JORGE & AROA
* IMPORTANT Remember to sign up quickly to secure your spot in the bootcamp. We only have a limited amount of spots which tend to sell out fast!
- The bootcamp will be bachata fusion and and we will work on bachata technique, guide and driving technique to improve the social aspect, we will work on social resources, some choreography and dance style
- Footwork workshop to a surprise song
- DJ VJ playing the hottest tunes in town ????
- Last but not least – performance/show by JORGE & AROA
19:15:: que open the door ????
19:30 - 22:15:: bootcamp with JORGE & AROA
22:15 - 05:00:: 100% Bachata w/ DJ VJ
Date: Friday the of June 28
SIGN UP: Send a private message to Luis Luna (LunaticaEventsCph) or lunaticaeventscph@gmail.com
** Early bird offer: 275,- for 2:30 hours of workshop + party + wardrobe. ** Offer price is valid until Wednesday 19/06 - After this date the price will be 295,-**
* 60 DKK Entrance after the bachata bootcamp:
DREES CODE: Gala night ????????????
WHERE: Down stairs Cafe AE frederikssundsvej 7

Tid : Fredag. d. 28. juni. 2019, kl. 19:30 - 05:00

Indrykket af : Lunatica events CPH - facebook.com/lunaticaeventscph - lunaticaeventscph@gmail.com 21-Jun-2019 22:41 - Senest opdateret : 21-Jun-2019 22:41

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