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Lør. d. 5. okt. 2019 : Dance festival in Turkey 5th - 12th of October

Dance festival in Turkey 5th - 12th of October

Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Son, Rumba, Reggeaton, Ballroom, Latin Mix and West Coast Swing
The festival takes place in first class accommodation in the heart of Kemer. You can stay at either:
• The Viking Star Hotel & Spa (the dance festival takes place at this location)
• The Viking Nona Beach (situated on the beach)
• The Viking Apart Hotel
All of the hotels are known for fine dining, personalized service and good atmosphere. During the dance festival, you will be able to experience many dance styles, good food, drinks, and of course a lot of sun. Join us and other dance aficionados from all over Scandinavia and Europe.
The majority of the participants are between 30 and 60 years old. It’s the second time ElStudio and Cubakultur are joining the festival. Last time was back in April, and it was so much fun.
During the day there are dance lessons for 8 hours in 3 different rooms, and in the evening there is social dancing.
You decide how much you want to participate in.
If you want to arrive on the same flight as the teachers from ElStudio, they leave Copenhagen on October 5th at 17:05 with Sun Express. However, please have a look at the pdf further below, as you have a choice of how many nights accommodation you wish to have as well as a choice of hotel.
The dance classes and activities take place from Monday to Friday.
From Antalya, we continue to Kemer. We'll be staying at the Viking Star Hotel & Spa ****, where the festival is held.
The hotel is located in central Kemer, only 600 meters from the beach.
If you are staying at a different hotel, your transfer will be to that location.
quot; The stay at the Viking Star Hotel & Spa (****+) in Kemer or one of the other Viking Hotels
quot; Transfer from/to Antalya Airport
quot; All Inclusive: food, beverage, and snacks at the hotel
quot; Lots of dance lessons and social dancing
quot; Pilates and yoga every morning, except Sundays
quot; Gym
quot; Flight to and from Antalya Airport/Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen)
quot; Antalya city tour with shopping
quot; City tour in Kemer
quot; Boat trip including lunch (without beverages)
quot; Trip to the mountains including lunch
quot; Spa (additional cost for massage and treatments)
We recommend purchasing your ticket here: https://www.sunexpress.com/en/
HOTEL PRICE LIST: https://elstudio.dk/sites/default/files/2019-07/Dance-Festival-in-Kemer%20%281%29.pdf
READ MORE HERE: https://elstudio.dk/node/481
• Cecilie Ortega (Norway/Spain) Salsa, bachata, bachata footwork
• Daniel Domínguez (Cuba/Spain) Salsa, reggaeton, salsa solo
• Stine Ortvad (Denmark) Salsa, lady styling
• Pia Palacios Nuñez (Chile/Denmark) Salsa
• Merete Jacobsen & Cecilie Horgen (Norway) West Coast Swing
• Susa Matson (Finland) Ballroom styles
• Emilio Cornejo (Argentina/Finland)
• Tango, tango technique and musicality
• Juan Pablo Canavarie (Argentina/Sweden) Tango & tango technique
• Nina Krook (Finland)Tango
• Juhani Tahvananien (Finland) Finish tango
• Suzanna Söderström (Sweden) Tango
• Olle & Berit Tillkvist (Sweden) Kizomba & Tango
• Giorgio Regnali ( Sweden) Tango
The instructors will inform you about the programme and activities upon arrival in Kemer.
• Kizomba
• Salsa
• Tango
• West Coast Swing
• Bachata
• Ballroom
• Reggaetón
• Rumba
• Son
• Latin Mix

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